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Candidate denies racist text

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an unapologetically left-leaning blogger posted a screenshot of a […]

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Virginia result for Nevada? Not so fast

Could Nevada voters in 2022 follow Virginia’s lead Tuesday, electing Republicans in statewide races next […]

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Redistricting: What you should know

What redistricting means for Nevada, how it’s done, and why you might care. Website link […]

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Gov preps for re-election bid

The first-term governor looks ahead to a race that will surf pent-up voter reaction to […]

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Nevada’s next boom? Enter lithium

With global demand for cleaner energy to power cars, smart homes and phones predicted to […]

Former sheriff accused in abduction

A former county sheriff got caught up in a Reno man’s attempt to abscond with […]

First female majority in U.S.

Nevada’s 2019 Legislature was the first in the nation to have a female majority, and […]

Sheriff keeps job despite complaints

An embattled sheriff in rural Nevada keeps winning re-election amid charges of workplace sexual harassment […]

2018 elections show Nevada in blue column

Democrats cleaned up in Nevada’s midterm elections as the state continued its move into solid […]

Utah GOP power grab from SLC Dems

The Legislature rolled right over the city’s plans for thousand of acres in its undeveloped […]

Treasurer misspent on borrowings

A look at the costs of issuing debt in Idaho showed the longtime state treasurer’s […]

Religion freedom or medical neglect?

Idaho has faith-healing exemptions in state child protection laws that exonerate caregivers who decline medical […]

Open range laws are ag-friendly

Open range laws mean if you hit a cow on the road, you’re liable not […]


21 December From the Latin sol, for sun, and sistere, to stand still, comes solstice […]

Mustering In

  Tiny Cressona nestles in the Appalachian coal country of southeastern Pennsylvania, about 130 miles […]